The Transportation Action Committee Kanata (TACK) North is a dedicated group of volunteers formed in 2014 by Councillor Marianne Wilkinson as an independent organization which reviews the transportation needs of Kanata North residents and advocates on behalf of these residents.

In cooperation with various city of Ottawa departments, the Committee makes sound recommendations to the Ward Councillor regarding specific aspects of transportation within the boundaries of Kanata North (Ward 4). The aim of TACK is to foster a quality of service that benefits all residents who are users of bus transit, cycling, sidewalks (pedestrians), and roads as their modes of transportation. TACK meets monthly to discuss a wide range of transportation topics and concerns of Kanata North residents.

As our communities grows, Kanata North needs to invest significant energy to ensure that we have a comprehensive transportation infrastructure strategy that provides an affordable and accessible transportation option that benefits all residents today and in the future. They include seamless interconnections to all modes of services while maintaining a quality of lifestyle that is truly Canadian. TACK, through the formation of partnerships with the public and business will promote:

  • Reliability of service so as to ease travel to, from and within the community
  • Continuous improvement of all forms of safe transportation
  • Reduction of traffic congestion by increasing transit ridership or alternate modes of transportation
  • Conservation of energy though the use of SMART transportation modes that protect our environment and are sustainable in the future
  • Enhancement of our community, so that they are safe and a desirable place to live, work, and visit
  • Inclusion of all residents young and old, able and disable, tenants, homeowners and business
  • Good governance through the TACK Terms of Reference

Committee Overview
The TACK committee holds a meeting once a month to discuss current projects and issues raised by Kanata North residents or Councillor Wilkinson.  All members are expected to attend the meeting on a regular basis and subcommittee or special meetings as required. There are no term limits for all members at this point in time. Meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of the month at the Mlacak Centre meeting room (2500 Campeau Drive). All meetings are open to the public except for the Executive Committee meeting. We welcome all visitors and appreciated all interests in helping to promote the active advancement of the committee. The committee meetings are semi-formal to permit a wide exchange of ideas and discussions.

If you have questions or concerns about transportation in Kanata North or wish more information about being a member of TACK, please contact us using the form below or email us at